March 2021

Featuring here are our latest updates to the website. An unusual French 1970’s plaster globe ceiling light. A bespoke Danish design two seater sofa, reupholstered in dark grey velvet and a stunning large ceramic charger, bowl by the British ceramicist Val Barry 1938-2018.  Do let us know, if you require more photos or information.

Val Barry 1937-2018 Large ceramic charger 1971

A stunning large ceramic charger with relief flattened geometric forms by the British ceramicist Val Barry 1937-2018.  Val had a solo exhibition in Gallery 273, Queen Mary’s College in 1971 where we believe this charger was exhibited. Throughout the 1970’s and 80’s her work was well received and taken into collections by a number of […]

Bespoke Danish design sofa

A bespoke wooden framed two seater Danish design sofa upholstered in dark grey velvet. Height: 82cm    Width: 134 cm     Depth: 80cm       £1250