Francois Kovacs 1915-2005

A small bronze patinated abstract sculpture by Francois Kovacs 1915- 2005. Kovacs was a Belgian sculptor originally from Hungary. He was born into a poor family and began sculpting at the age of 16. He quickly learnt the fundamental elements of sculpture,working with materials such as marble. Kovacs later studied at the Atelier Tibor Galle, […]

Edith Sitwell ceramic gilded sculpture by Simon Toone

A fabulous gilded ceramic sculpture by Simon Toone of Edith Sitwell. A privately commissioned gilded ceramic sculpture of Edith Sitwell by the British artist Simon Toone. Born 1967. Toone’s sculptures are elegant, gilded and elongated busts reminiscent of Giacometti. Height:53cm Width:16cm £1250  

A tall Ashanti Fertility doll

A tall Akua Ba Ghana Fertility doll. Mid twentieth century. Simple geometric details. Repair to one arm. Height: 32cm £180