1960’s colourful gouache by Guy Roddon

Colourful  gouache by Guy Roddon b.1919-London. Painter and teacher, who studied at Goldsmith’s college with James Bateman and Clive Gardiner. Showed at RA, LG, Leicester Galleries. Was a member of the Chelsea Art’s Club. British c.1960’s Height:39cm Width:31cm   £280

Gwenhael Bore b.1947

Oil on canvas in the Abstract Expressionist Style. Painted by the French artist Gwenhael Bore signed and titled “Octobre” 1960. Height:48cm Width:54cm  £850

Gwenhael Bore b.1947 Collage

Gwenhael Bore b.1947  Monochrome collage with pen ink hand drawn detail. French c.1960’s Height:55cm Width:38cm   £620

Gwenhael Bore b.1947

Small oil on canvas abstract. Signed Gwenhael Bore and dated 1962. French artist born 1947. Height:35cm Width:24cm   SOLD